Sunday, April 11, 2010

If you don't have anything nice to say, sit by me... wanna Gossip?

Got your attention?

Okay, they aren't a group I would normally would go to. But there's something about her voice. The richness, the passion, the cool. Front(person) for Gossip, the indie-band formed in Washington state (of all places), in 2003 is poised to go somewhere. And fast. They are about to be everywhere. As a matter of fact, I forgot about them until I picked up the April issue of Paper Magazine. Responding "Oh right, them (her)". I always liked the video "Heavy Cross', with its almost 'Gaga' costuming, rifling beat and 'Rihanna-like' art direction.

I say "Washington of all places" because Gossip isn't quite in the usual 'found' hot A&R driven joints like New York, LA, Chicago, Miami, Nashville like that. No disrespect Washington state. Gossip has all the earmarks of the "with a bullet" lingo tied to them, as the 'not-so-new' band to watch. After all, it takes 50 years to be an overnight sensation - right?

Is marketing involved? Yes, but so is talent. Does the lead singer Beth Ditto (surely not her real name) come with a 'story'? Of course, after all stories sell. A bit kooky, silly, lesbian, who cares? When the buds are in my ears I'm just groovin' to the music.

Photos by Dan Monick

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