Sunday, April 4, 2010

Drinking at the 'Coyote Bar' in Santa Barbara's Toro Canyon

Would you like to have drinks at sunset with the 'hottest coyote' in town?

Santa Barbara is one of my favorite towns on the planet. Home to my fave 'home away from home' Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel and 'Butterfly' beach.

Adjacent is Montecito, oh so true to architecture vibrant with Spanish influence. With some surprise, Montecito is dotted with unconventional residential homes, emerging from the earth as seen in the April/May issue of Santa Barbara Magazine, sister to C Magazine.

The transom door tilts high, welcoming relief to the days heat and evening breezes to cool the soul.

Who couldn't see themselves relaxing poolside, mountains close enough to kiss. Certainly, an occasional coyote will emerge from familiar environs, a bit too close for comfort for a drink.

(Photos courtesy Santa Barbara Magazine)

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