Sunday, April 11, 2010

Marcos Galvany at Carnegie Hall

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the premiere performance of 'O' My Son' at Carnegie Hall. The composer, Marcos Galvany hails from Spain. He introduced the piece with the sexiest Spanish accent not heard since Antonio Banderas purred at Rebecca DeMornay in "Never Talk to Strangers".

The casting was stellar. Antonio Gandia, Tenor. (Note: The fact that he was so handsome in his black on black Hugo Boss looking suit made the women give him four standing ovations, myself included). Valentina Fleer, Soprano, Karla Rivera, Soprano. Matthew Osifchin, Baritone all supported by the New England Symphonic Ensemble.

Hailed as “a gifted composer” by John Rutter and “one of the most talented and passionate composers of our time”. Marcos' music is becoming the sound of legend. Heard throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, Australia, and the Caribbean island of Jamaica to name a few.

The performances were beyond moving. I sat beside Rita about sixty, years old visiting from Israel. Throughout the first act, I would see her shivering. Mid 'aria' I could hear her whimper. Through concertos sniffling. At one point, I turned to find tears rolling down her cheek. Clearly, too entranced by the music to take note or care.

During intermission I had to ask what moved her so much. "I was in a choir in Israel most of my life. Whenever I hear the music, and the voices I want to sing. Because I travel so much, I am unable to make a commitment to the choir anymore. Hearing this, makes me one with the music, the power and the gift of song. It's in my heart. In my soul. How could he (Galvany) compose such music. To be in such a special place as
Carnegie Hall, I can feel the power of my own heart beat".

That is what Marcos Galvany's compositions do to you. They make you feel the power of your own heart. The last act was so emotional, with its moment of silence as Leonid Frolov who plays Jesus rising was so powerful I started to cry myself. The rhythm of the drum, the cellos, the tuba of all things! I never knew the tuba could hold such passion. Angels were in residence in the form of the
St. Patrick's Cathedral Choir.

One of the best things of all is, I was surrounded by many families, couples and singles. Some donned evening attire, while others were very casual in jeans and sneakers. Perhaps having purchased their tickets on the fly after a day of sightseeing. Carnegie Hall is affordable and accessible to everyone. Tickets started at just fifteen dollars. Not much more than the cost of seeing
'Clash of the Titans' and a bag of popcorn.

Let's support the arts more. Get out there and see something if you can. The worst that could happen is, you'll feel the beating of your own heart.

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