Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Rose is more than a rose...

Photo by Linda K. Robinson

Flora, by Graphis is one of those stunning photography books that is dual purposed. Firstly, you get to see incredible images. Secondly, the flowers. This is a book published quite a while ago but remains joyful.

Photo by Judith Easterburg

Photo by joSon

Photographers vary throughout the book, which is a masterful composition.

Photo by Amanda Means

Photo by Scott Peck

It is just one of those feel good books. On a rainy day, your happy thoughts are awakened by the color and spectacle of the blooms.

Photo by John Huet


Roundclock said...

That first print reminds me of a series I purchased done by an artist named Ryuijie (

Soul Buddha

Hautezone said...

Thaank you for the info 'Soul Buddha'!
That name sure sounds familar...

Thank you so much for the introduction to his works.