Sunday, November 28, 2010

MIKIMOTO... I Kissed a Pearl and I liked it!

Mikimoto Pearls have been a family favorite for years for many reasons. My sister Stephanie's middle name is Pearl. She was named after my grandmother. Pearl was her first name.

As a child my sister cringed at her middle name. She found it old, perhaps even matronly. That was until the first day she walked into Mikimoto alongside my dad, somewhere around her twelfth birthday. It was then, her love of 'Black Pearls' and all things pearl was born.

Mikimoto pearls are some of the very best in the world. Only 5% of all cultured pearls in the world reach the Mikimoto standard of quality. Their designs are both traditional and contemporary. I adore the many combination's of diamonds, white gold and platinum. Strand lengths vary from Choker size (16 inches) to Opera lendth (32 inches). I find the clasps to be just as divine as the strands themselves. Their details are extraordinary. They too are often handed down amongst family and friends and continue to adorn.

To my sister Stephanie and all of us in love of pearls... I kissed a Pearl and I liked it!!!

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