Monday, November 29, 2010

Valentino ... God is in the details

Valentino Garavani "I always wanted to make women beautiful"...

Mr. Garavani, you certainly have succeeded!

One afternoon I was walking down Madison Avenue. As I approached VBH near 74th. Street, I noticed a very familiar face. Well tanned, well toned body impeccably tailored. It was Valentino! As I grew closer we held a gaze. His eyes slowly moved from mine to the top of my head, slowly reaching my feet before once again meeting my eyes.

t roughly eighteen inches away, he moved closer touching my arm. Of course I stopped. He whispered "very niiiiiiiiice", in a slow voice only familiar to me via endless episodes of "Style with Elsa Klench' and the like.

said "Thank you Sir Valentino". He responded "No, not, Sir Valentino... Mister Valentino". I wished someone were around to take our picture together. I skipped all the way home!

God is in the details, and one his disciples is standing guard on Madison Avenue. Very niiiiiiiiiice!

All images courtesy of 'A Grand Italian Epic' Valentino Garavani by Taschen

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