Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What does a 'Power Bride' sheath to a Royal wedding?

The late Princess Diana also known as Princess Diana of Wales, has got to be most pleased. She has produced what must be an astounding son, eager to continue her legacy. One reaching all people, despite his very insular upbringing and lifestyle.

Call me crazy but I have gotten all whopped up on this one! I love, love, love a wedding. There are very few moments in life when you are blessed enough to see people at their absolute happiest. I simply adore all the pomp and circumstance of a Royal Wedding. I only wish Fred Astaire were alive to dance in it!

rince William and Kate Middleton, who I refer to as 'Power Bride' will marry sometime next year. As many have begun to do, I too have begun great speculation on what the new Princess will be wearing on her wedding day. I only hope my husband Nick Carter were photographing it!

I can totally see this Monique Lhuillier dress with an extended train (approximately 40 feet long) and its entry into the cathedral. I certainly see Princess Kate, in a dress of this grandeur. Nothing else would do.

This Amanda Wakeley silhouette is very much in line with the dress worn by Princess Grace Kelly many years ago.

A tad too modern for Kate, but I imagine the train will be just as long. How would you bustle something like this? This would be an amazing dress for a beach wedding, but for a royal wedding, perhaps not so much.

The stunning Vera Wang at work here. Frothy organza, chiffon and tuelle worked up into a dazzling concoction. Likely Vera will not be asked to design, as she may be considered too American to take on the fete.

I could see something close to the bodice, definitely beyond ballgown bottom. We are talking theatre here, of untold proportion. This one is a Monique Lhuillier.

This Phillipa Lepley is a bit simple, but the lines are beautiful and ultra feminine. As one of Londons top bridal ateliers, I consider them a top pick. Question, does the Queen Mother have final say or is young Kate able to make final selection. One thing for sure... everything about it is bound to be BIG! BIG!! BIG!
Still cannot imagine the Queen Mother dancing at the reception to Fergie and The Black Eye Peas singing "Let's get it started"!

Then again, I could be wrong! Afterall, she is on Twitter. Who saw that one coming?

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