Monday, December 20, 2010

Perfect Perrins...

Don't hate them cause they're beautiful.  Hate them because they have the world at their fingertips!  And they're dressed in Perrin 'Spider Gloves'.

Before I say anything more, let me just say I want to walk away from the laptop, don a beautiful evening dress by Louis Vuitton like Sally Perrin here, and stand on the darn table smiling from ear-to-ear.  Then I want to purchase a gorrrrrrrrgeous Perrin purse and paint the town red --- darling! 

God Bless you Derek Blasberg for getting this assignment.  Note to Santa: (In my Eartha Kitt voice) "I want to go to Paris".  Back to Paris! Three times wasn't enough.  And I want to work on amazing assignments like this one.  Derek, you devil you!  Okay, back to the heart of the piece.  

These images are poached (yes poached and picked),  from the January 2011 issue of Bazaar.  I didn't know anything about the individual Perrin family (whose been manufacturing leather goods since 1893), but I know their purses!  Particularly, their leather stripped purse 'Riva Ball' bag, architecturally shaped like a bowling ball.  Love it!  They opened a ship in Beverly Hills last year.  Part "museum, part I'll take two please".  Their purses have extremely discrete logos which is quite nice.

So back at the ranch... Their Paris residence is one I would expect.  The palatte is soothing variations of hues of blues, water colors.  The furnishings are rather traditional with their Venetian glass sconces, and hand-tooled wallcoverings.  Interior designer Chahan Minassian also assisted them on their California home.   I can imagine daughters Emma,16 and Chloe 19, having a lovely time joining their parents entertaining amidst the finery.

Paris and the perfect purse... A perfect pair.

P.S. Dear Santa, I also love those 'Spider' gloves...

Photography by Ditte Isager

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