Friday, December 3, 2010

Say it with flowers... from the Shawshank Priestess!

There are two extra special hobbies of mine right now, which keep my nose to the grind. The first one is my ipad. The second is the new Martha Stewart ipad app for the Special Issue 'Boundless Beauty'. There are videos, extended resources, toggles that allow you to view multiple images and OMG! in a BIG way... Holy interactive craziness Batman!

The time time lapsed peony, which involved 180 images. It's gorgeous. Watching it makes me so anxious for the arrival of Spring. I want to find a peony farm, and just lose my mind! It cheered me up on an otherwise gray, cold day here in New York.

The issue is so interactive, you can explore 'Boundless Beauty 'for hours, constantly discovering something new. Martha brought on-board two 'bow-tie-wearing brothers' as she calls them from RISD (Rhode Island School of Design), who master all things digital. She absolutely must hire these guys full time. They are extraordinary.

There are so many DIY projects and recipes I am anxious to try. Phyllo pastry, has long been a favorite of mine. There are several savory and sweets to try. What elevates a simple dish to knockout faster than phyllo? Nor, can I wait to make a bubble chandelier. For a mere $3.99, it's better than some of the so 'called 'hot ticket' movies out right now.

The images are some of the clearest quality I have seen. This truly should be the bar setting for all digital publications. One thing I really admire about Martha Stewart, she always remains relevant and isn't afraid to try something new. Also known as growth. Go Martha!

She is one 'Shawshank' priestess that has been redeemed! (I say that lovingly).

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