Sunday, December 19, 2010

Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold...

"Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold"...

Sometime soon, the time will come to once again climb the ladder to remove all the decorative Christmas elements we hoisted up from the basement, or down from the attic. Yet you may find yourself pining for something golden or silverly to take you through the cold dreary months ahead . There are other means of maintaining that shiny lustre in your home after the holidays.

Why not do it with hardware? And if that hardware is from P.E. Guerrin or Nanz, it will surely take things to notches unknown.

hese are two of my go to metalmongers for door and cabinet hardware. Nanz is more contemporary. P.E. Guerrin is much more traditional and ornate. But there is something for everyone.

nd when its time to say goodbye to Christmas - Remember, when one door closes. Another one opens.
20 Van Dam Street, New York, N.Y. 10013
212 367 7000
21-23 & 25 Jane Street, New York, NY 212 243 5270

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