Saturday, July 30, 2011

Beyonce... 'Four-druple threat'

Beyonce Knowles a.k.a.  Mrs. ("he used to beat the block, now he be's the block") Carter is more than a singer, dancer, actor... she is an innovator and style icon.  At the very least she is a 'Four-druple threat' in my eyes.  More than anything, she remains humble, down to earth and 'country' in the most positive way.  Always appearing totally unaffected by her accomplishments.  I find that unbelievably endearing, as many in similar positions are less than humble.

I am most admirable of the positive image she presents to youth (mainly young girls), showing their dreams will be accomplished by hard work, to remain dedicated, study and 'put int he work'.  

On her new CD titled 'FOUR" - “The fans have named the album 4. And four is my favorite number. It’s an important number in my life: the date of my birthday, my mom’s birthday, my husband’s birthday, the day I got married. Barack Obama is the 44th president, and I performed ‘At Last’ by Etta James at his inauguration.”

Images W Magazine July 2011


Amour S. said...

Yes! I totally agree Beyonce is the baddest and has always kept it classy. Her work ethic is one of the main reasons that I admire her and then there's that VOICE.

Hautezone said...

Yes Lady Amour... You are absolutely correct... FOUR it is!