Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jennifer Lopez - Back on the block

Okay by now, most of us had heard about or seen the awful news reel announcing the end of Jennifer Lopez' and Marc Anthony's marriage.   I found it to be a tremendous shock.  Who could forget their performance together at the American Idol finale mere months ago.  It was on FIRE!  Whether things abruptly fell apart after that performance or they hail at being supreme entertainers beyond the stage- we shall never know.  It isn't even my business to be talking about it I know.  Just wondering is all.  Speculating actually, as many of us 'Monday Morning Quarterbacks' are doing today.  Personally, I am fond of both of them and am still looking forward to their concerts together.  Fingers crossed!

Fumbling through magazines this morning, my fingers suddenly opened  upon the January/February 2011 issue of Veranda Magazine.  Michelle Workman was the interior designer.  I love the tone, light and overall look of the residence.  There's a sensuous white lacquered piano, velvet sheens, shimmering silvers, crystal chandeliers and a  gentle balanced quality which can only become more beautiful as the sun sets.  It doesn't look very childproof or masculine but I'm guessing the sound system in incredible.


Images courtesy of Veranda Magazine.  Video, YouTube, Top image of Jennifer Lopez by JustJared, Bottom image

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