Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dylan Laurens' wedding dress reveal by Vogue Magazine

"Who can make the sunrise? The candy girl can cause she mixes it with love to make the world taste good!"

Okay, that was my Sammy Davis Jr. 'Candy Man' remix, as applied to Ms. Dylan Lauren, owner of Dylans' Candy Shoppe in New York.

She recently wed at her family palatial estate in Bedford New York amid 273 acres of landscaping heaven.  The residence was built in 1929, and is loaded with 19th century paintings, furniture and houses Mr. Laurens' trophy car collection - that is the one's he wants to drive are brought to the home.

Vogue August issue shared this image first. Of course Mr. Lauren designed and must have long countless nights sleep obsessing about the details of the dress.  Proof positive it pays to have an expert on the matter, lend their guidance.  Hence, none other than Ms. Vera Wang (former Ralph Lauren womens' designer), lent her hand and advise for its construction.  Goes to a previous post point of mine, that RL is such a wonderful company former employees remain valued.

The wonderful handmaidens surely are beading and stitching Lauren Bush's wedding dress, that Mr. Lauren is also designing for her wedding to son David.  I'm still caught on the Lauren Lauren, L square, L Deuce or LL Cool L.  Whatever will they call her?

One thing for sure... that's another dress I cannot wait to see!

Photo of Dylan, courtesy Vogue Magazine and Sebastian Kim
Estate images by Durston Saylor

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