Friday, July 22, 2011

Interview with Hautezone's Interior Designer Joy Moyler

Hello Friends, people are always asking me just how I started in interior design.  So one evening I sat down to talk a bit about it.  
I thought I would share this video with you, capturing some of my musings, inspirations and bits about some of the firms I have been blessed to work with at the start of my career....

Untitled from Joy Moyler on Vimeo.

Let me know what you think!


Amour S. said...

This was amazing and you look beautiful. "I think good design should not be limited to your income" So true. Great Interview.

Hautezone said...

Thank you so much Lady Amour for your comments. I appreciate your taking the time to give me some feedback.

Thanks again!


kathleen said...

i LOVED this interview joy! so great to hear you tell your incredible story. i so want to work with you but at least the very least, you made me wanna clean my apartment. haha! let's have a bevy soon xxo