Thursday, October 14, 2010

Anna Dello Russo - One woman not afraid of her shadow!

For Vogue Nippon, Editor-in-Chief Anna Dello Russo (ADR), dressing for work takes on a whole new meaning. She is an avid fashion collector in all levels (clothing, shoes, hats, accessories) all topped with her voracious smile.

Anna is Anna Wintours fashion counterpart, but she certainly appears to have more fun. A described 'fashion maniac', the only thing I think she's 'crazy' about is - abandon! Hitting the street with a full stride of confidence to strut the streets. Not just 'owing it' but padlocking it and clutching the deed, in an elaborately bedazzled purse.

I like her! I like her alot! But I'm just not ready to wear some of these gorgeous frocks to my next client meeting yet!

Why is this woman smiling? Because she can...

I would welcome a sight like this during the course of a day. It cannot but lift your spirits. Besides, seeing the faces of passerby's would make me smile too. She believes "fashion is empowerment".
This last image looks like she's thinking "if you get to close to me I will cut you"!

This Rochas ensemble is worth backing away from bread for a months or two. or three or four... Anna, may I have an add day pass to your closet?

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