Thursday, October 28, 2010

'Home from the Hardware Store' - A re-purposed life

I've got it all laid out in my head. Straight from work I plan to peel off the work clothing, don some overalls (or a closely functioning facsimile), thread the laces on some comfortable shoes, lay the rear seat down in the buggy and hit the nearest Home Depot or Lowes I can find!

An inspiration has come over me, and I can hardly wait for the weekend! And guess what? The same thing is going to happen to you. Like the 'Cajun Cook' Justin Wilson used to say "I guarontee".

Home from the Hardware Store - Transform Everyday Materials into Fabulous Home Furnishings is chock full of imaginative weekend projects, all prepared and skillfully designed for the craftsman or ingenue unfamiliar with power tools. In this age of 're-purposing' the entire lot of projects in this book have a place in your home. The book contains over 50 projects. Most could be accomplished in one day.

Written by Kathleen Hackett, a writer and editor and her husband Stephen Antonson, an artist and designer there's plenty to keep you busy throughout the weekend. It's a great opportunity to involve your children. With all the counting, dividing and measuring is sure to help strengthen their math skills. It will also teach them early on to "measure twice and cut once"!

With the holidays coming up, and many being stressed about buying lavish gifts for friends and loved ones, there are many projects here that would be widely received and appreciated.

Here is a sneak peak of what's inside...

I just love all instructions are provided, as are the list of required tools.

The most utilitarian objects and materials become purposeful and beautiful furnishings and decorative elements for the home. For example, you could take it one step further and paint the cork to match the wall or some other detail in the home, or 'keep it green'.

I have just the place for this screen!

This copper table runner is the first project I intend to do this weekend.

Home From the Hardware Store: Transform Everyday Materials into Fabulous Home Furnishings
Available November 2010.

Tool belts aisle one!

It is also beautifully photographed by Lesley Unruh

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