Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chad Ocho Cinco, A man who puts his money where his mouth is...

Out of the box I admit, there isn't much I know about football. As a matter of fact, I haven't even watched it much during the last ten years. I used to watch it with my dad. He would call and say "games coming on, feel like making some meatballs, or some ribs?" With that, I'd gather my things and make my way to the rents' house. It didn't matter who was playing, or what I would be cooking when I got there. It was all about just hang time with my dad. He was a great man who loved meeting people, and learning about their lives with 'real concern'. And hen he talked to you he looked you in the eye. And he always did what he said he would.

So when he passed, I pretty much gave football up, other than the occasional 'ritualistic' holiday games at Thanksgiving, Christmas and of course the Rose Bowl. Even still, I listen from another room more than watch. I can't bear to watch without my dad sitting beside me, with his intermittent gasps and yells!

Then came 'Twitter' and 'follows'. I generally have a long commute. Timelines are my 'transformation' from a day of crazy, to an evening of quiet and relaxation. I discovered Bengals football player Chad Ocho Cino by accident, and have enjoyed his random tid bits on life, his life, his career but mostly people he interacts with and his positive messages to basically keep holding on.

And so, whether it is a connection with days and nights becoming cooler, catching side glances of football on television and the knowledge of this young man, who seems so into the lives of others and enriching them along the way - I started paying more attention to Ocho Cinco's tweets and have found him to be a 'genuine person'. I couldn't possibly spew his stats, or how long he's been on the team. You can read all of that here.

So many 'celebrities and sportspeople' talk about what they'd do for people or what they say they're going to do, yet it never happens. So quite by surprise, my heart was so touched last night that this man would invite 85 (his number, I just caught that) Twitter followers to dinner (tonight), and actually DO IT. In addition to providing a shuttle bus for transportation! I'm not even going but got goosebumps reading others excitement. I was deeply touched.

He is as well versed in humility and lifes many disruptions as with wonderful things going on in the world. I just like and support him, and his ability to 'put his money where is mouth is'...

In the process, not just collecting 'followers' but gaining friendships and providing memories along the way. One click at a time.

In addition to all that, I'm just missing my dad..


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