Thursday, October 21, 2010

Connor Engravers... Something to write home about...

Ever since Mrs. Strong stationery went to the land of displaced shelter magazines, I have had an empty place in my heart. Alas, that void has been filled by 'dare I say' someone new... Connor Fine engravers here in New York.

They have extraordinary selections for weddings, party invitations, birth announcements, divorce announcements - you name it. Their shoppe is elegant and their presentation is as though you are the high priestess in a fine jewelers salon. Yes, I said high priestess! They too have selections for your coronation... see below...

I told you so... If you leave a message for your beau or kids to clean up the room, wash the dishes or mow the lawn on their stationery, I'll bet you it gets done before you can get the sealing wax out!

New York
212 756 8690

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