Wednesday, October 13, 2010

'Glass Pavillion' - Santa Barbara 35 Million dollar glass box

Listed with Suzanne Perkins, The Glass Pavilion is a redefining structure within modernism.It is a benchmark building that sets the bar as to what modernism is and can be.The combination of architectural groundbreaking style and extreme detail in finish quality make it a home without compare. It is the pinnacle of architecture for this generation and will define the era in which it was built.

This is a home with possibly no equal. Throughout the last century there has been a few great buildings that defined modernism and inspired a generation to imagine what is possible not only within architecture but as a society as a whole. Mies Van Der Roh’s Barcelona Pavilion and Farnsworth house, as well as Phillip Johnson’s glass house were these type of defining structures. Now, Steve Hermann’s Glass Pavilion takes the architectural tenants of these greats and catapults these concepts into the new millennium.

Set within a 3.5+/- acre estate of oak groves in Montecito and boasting 14,000+/- sq. ft. under roof, this home is impressive beyond words. An almost entirely glass home it allows occupants to be comfortably inside while completely enveloped within nature. As you drive down the long gated driveway, it slowly comes into view. You are immediately confronted with a large all glass home, floating above gently rolling lawns. The site of it is awe-inspiring.

Photography-Jim Bartsch

The Glass Pavilion $35,000,000

Listing Agent- Suzanne Perkins

Sotheby’s International Realty, Montecito, CA

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