Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ralph Lauren - Women's Collection on Madison Avenue

Ralph Lauren perched on the beautiful wrought iron stairs of the Women's Collection shoppe at 888 Madison Avenue, French Neoclassicism at it's best. Across from the recently unveiled new Ralph Lauren Men's store.

The finishes are exquisite! Limestone, Marble, fine metalwork. It is as though you have been invited to someone's home - except you get to walk away with divine treats.

I saw this entrance just weeks ago. You knew the splendor awaiting - but to see it lit it beyond amazing. It's the sister to the Rhinelander Mansion directly across the street. I spent numerous years working on this store and 888 when it was Polo Sport. Store openings at Ralph Lauren are always extra special.

Three weeks ago, I stood outside of the new store with lighting consultant Bill Schwinghammer. An older woman passed sharing her unhappiness with a beautiful store being demolished giving way to something new. We had to laugh - explaining "this isn't an old Beaux Art structure being demolished, it's BRAND NEW". She couldn't believe it!

Always the perfect marriage of freshness, luxe, softness - and grown and sexy. All aspects of being a woman are prevalent here. Whether you are the 'girly-girl' or the sophisticate.

Everything is so well appointed. There is a richness which engulfs the rooms. A faint scent of sweetness permeating the textiles and curtain linings. Chandeliers sparkles as though maidens polish them at night. It is all quintessential Ralph.

All labels are represented Black Label, Women's Label, Blue Label, Collection, Footwear, Handbags, Accessories - everything you want to get your hands on.

He's done it again, and I like (scratch) LOVE it! Big congratulations to Ralph Lauren, Alfredo Parades, Charles Fagan, Karen Elliot, Dennis Adler Donald Nowicki and their extraordinarily talented teams!

And when Mr. Lauren receives his key to the city today, you can bet he'll have a fantastic key fob to put it on!

All photos courtesy of WWD

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