Friday, October 22, 2010

At the Armory... Adornment at the TAMBARAN GALLERY

Hair ornament, Tamil Nadu South India
20th. Century, 22KT Gold
Likely fashioned after smaller womens' hair ornaments. 37 radiating spikes surmount a large ring with four gold tack shaped appendages.

Nepal Necklace, Kathmandu - Nepal Himalayas
20th Century 24KT Gold Over Resin
13 large gold melon shaped beads alternating with red fabric discs terminating into gold trumpet shaped finials.

Tutsi Necklace
19th. Century or Older Tutsi - Dempcratic Republic of the Congo Africa
Made of rare mauve beads with twelve multi stranda of Venetian trade beads with natural fiber.

Ear Ornaments Lhasa - Tibet Himalayas
Circa 19th Century 22KT Gold, Silver, Turquoise, Resin
Only Tibetan women of considerable wealth and status could have worn these important ear ornaments. Each was balanced on the temple of the head and secured in the hair.

Gold Prayer Box Lhasa, Tibet Himalayas
19th Century
The Prayer box is suspended from pears. The box contains written prayers to appease evil spirits and are unique to the Tibetan culture.

Mosche Maskette Loma Negra - North West Coast of Peru
100 BC - 600 AD Gold, Gilded Copper, Shell, Lapis Lazuli
Maskette was likely affixed to a burial object, attached to the outer layer of mummy wrapping.

Shiva Necklace South India
19th Century Gold, Rubies, Diamonds, Emeralds
Cast adornment on large rudraksha seeds and is worn uniquely by worshipers of the Hindu God, Shiva. A gold prayer box is suspended below with a hinged opening that would have held written prayers.

Necklace, South India
19th Century, Gold, Rubies, Diamonds, Emeralds
Impressive ceemonial necklace of 38 mango elements studded with rubies and a central diamond strung on a flat woven gold wire chain.

Please stop by the Armory, straight down the center aisle on the right and visit these amazing pieces. They are very willing to chat about their collection, and full of information and history. My thrill came from holding the ear ornaments in my hands. You can feel the sense of history. It truly chilled my spine and warmed my heart knowing how appreciated they are.

And if you miss the armory and wish to visit their gallery, please do so here:

Credit: Descriptions and images courtesy of Tambarn Gallery Adornment brochure. Photography: Oren Eckaus

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