Friday, October 29, 2010

Vera scarves, never out of style.

Here I am standing before a large crowd, seated forming a circle. I stand up to speak, encouraged by the team leader, swearing profusely where I proclaim "I have an addiction".

My addition is my proclivity to purchase and collect vintage Vera (Neumann) scarves. Thanks to Ebay and its immediate access to auctioning I have been able to acquire quite a few. I am also feverishly known to dive into a dilapidated dusty box in a shadowy vintage store or flea market, dare I find a corner of hand-hemmed silk peeking through. No, I will not say how many I have but surely a small shop or Vera outpost is possible in the future.

I blame my mother. She collected Vera scarves as well. Oooh, If I could only get my hands on those lost or donated to the Salvation Army many years ago.

All the Hollywood starlets who were wore Veras... Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, even Jayne Mansfield (no she was not wearing a Vera at the time of her fatal accident). Quite a few starlets who almost were, wore them too. They were often worn anchored to a handbag, just as frequently as securing a finger curl at the nape of the neck. What's sexier than tying a scarf about your head before jumping into that vintage racer green Jaguar.

Many of Veras scarves can be found on Etsy. The key is like most things, to care for them and they can be handed down to the little girls in your life as well.

Thanks mom!

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